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Da Rules

Welcome to the Axis Powers Hetalia Anonymous Meme!

Please read the rules and enjoy your stay.



What is this place about?
This is a place where you can post and say whatever you feel that you cannot say openly in this fandom and its communities - or things you can say openly, but would rather discuss in a less structured environment. You want to fangirl someone, bash a fic/art/pairing or talk about how much something pisses you off? Share some art or fic, ask for recs, have a conversation about how many buttons you think are on Austria's uniform, or roleplay a talking cat wearing an umbrella hat? Go ahead. Wank and vent and fangirl and meow to your hearts content.

You guys are mean/rude/cruel! Someone said something mean about me/my friend/my favorite writer/my dog!
Yes, sometimes this meme can be mean, rude, create wank, or be unpleasant for some people. However - by reading the meme you are taking responsibility for the risk of coming across comments that you may not agree with, that may be negative, that may say something bad about you or someone you know, etc. I'd advise you to read my contact post for more information on this.

I will say, however, and I'm not going to hide this fact - being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole is not something I personally condone as a person at all.

The rules and what you need to know:

1) You may post anonymously or logged in at your own discretion.

2) About comment deletion/screening: If you are logged-in, you may delete your comments at your own discretion. However, if a comment is posted anonymously, only I have the ability to screen or delete it. However -- what you say is what you say, so please make sure you want to say it. Except for special cases at my own discretion, I won't be deleting or screening comments. Leave a note on the contact post with a link if you'd like to ask about deleting/screening your anonymous comment.

3) No image bombing.

3a) Comments that are deliberate spam (spam as in posting over and over, not... spam as in silly/'pointless') or are anonymous page stretchers may be screened or deleted at my discretion. This includes image spamming.

3b) Images of real life violence, gore, and similar images may not be posted and will be deleted at my discretion.

3c) Autoplay comments are not allowed and will be deleted.

4) When reading the meme, you may come across adult oriented material. This can be a NSFW space - you have been warned.

Everything else:

Posting on this meme, logged in or not, is opening you up and taking the risk for positive and negative comments. If you can't handle that response to your logged in comments, I'd suggest posting anon and not drawing attention to yourself. The same goes for being anonymous - if you can't handle negativity to what you say, don't say it at all.

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If you need to contact me, please go to my contact post and do so there.

Enjoy :)