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Contact Post

Contact Post

Please use this page if you need to contact me, and not private messaging. All comments will be screened, anonymous and logged in. If you are contacting me about a specific thread or comment, it would be helpful if you linked it, as I do not always have time to read through the meme every day.

Common concerns:

"People are saying bad things about me/my friend/my dog! I want you to delete it/screen it/punish the people involved!"

First, I would highly suggest that anyone who finds negative comments about themselves/someone they know and gets upset to take a deep breath, go away from the computer for about 15 minutes, then return in a calmer mood. When something is posted that is against the TOS, I screen or delete them. However, saying you don't like that dog or this person is not against the TOS. My biggest advice to you, if you are very upset by any comments? Ignore them. This place moves so fast that drama is often forgotten by the next page. (Or maybe not.) (but you should still just ignore it!)

However, if you feel someone is being repeatedly harassed or are have any concerns, feel free to leave me a comment here about it and I will see if anything needs to be done. I prefer that you leave a comment here as opposed to messages, because the message may get recycled by my inbox before I have time to read it.